Sunday, August 5, 2018

Starcitizen is pay to win

After reading Chris Roberts reply's, I believe he has no idea what he is doing any more. What he said was insulting to the player base.
' It is an open-ended Persistent Universe Sandbox that doesn’t have an end game or a specific win-state. ' - Chris Roberts
Player A engages pay to win Player B. Player B will always win in the end as they will throw money at the game until they win.

A loss to Player A costs more than a lost to Player B.

When you boil down all of Starcitizens non-existent game play this is what your left with. This is the only win state worth a dam.

The game is completely over for me, its pay to win garbage that you usually get in a 'free' to play game.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Hey EA, about that Anthem game

TLDR; I am not going to buy this game. As EA are known to drop support for games if they don't do well.

Over the last year EA have clearly shown, if a game is broken, they will dump it and run. They aren't interested in spending any money just burning goodwill.

The two examples of this is EA:Battlefront 2 & Mass Effect: Andromeda. Andromeda has been abandoned with just few patches but fundamentally a flawed game.

Battlefront 2 is in the process of being dumped with what I guess will be one final patch with a new map then onto Battlefield 5.

Anthem on the other hand is being marketed as a games as service setup. Like Warframe, Destiny 2 and The Division.

I feel though, that the games focus groups and market analysts have completely missed the mark on what people want to play ( its not loot shooters any more, its battle royal ). And so they have engineered a complete flop with all the latest loot box real money transaction systems in place.

The thing is, it doesn't have to be a flop. You can go back and fix games and to me this shows you care about your customers.

Three Prime examples of this are No Mans Sky, a utter disaster at launch, which promised the universe but delivered a very basic game. Since release though Hello Games have keep busy pushing out several major updates with the next update being multiplayer in July.

Diablo 3 was a abomination at launch, the entire game was tuned to the real money auction house. It was just not fun but Blizzard stuck at it, released a expansion which pretty much fixed the entire game and to this day still pushes out session content.

Lastly The Division. This is a game I hated at launch, it was complete utter garbage but once again UBISoft keep at it, released free updates along with some good DLC ( Survival is my fav ) and instead of killing the project turned it around into something people enjoy. I know I will be getting the Division 2 on release.

But EA, if you think I will trust you for a second with Anthem, then you are wrong. You have to prove me wrong by having the game last more than a year with substantial updates for your customers.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Down time over

Turns out the reboot was last night. All services are back up and running again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Server down time

My core game server will be offline for a few ours on the 2018-03-29 at 15:00 UTC time.

This is due to my service provider doing a upgrade that requires the server to be rebooted.

Also due to my laziness of never setting up any auto restart demons, all services will be offline until I wake up in the morning, so core services will be offline for a good 3 - 4 hours. Unless before then I get auto restart scripts up and running I have Farcry 5 and Neverwinter to play so this is unlikely.

So to recap the following services will be offline:
  • Minecraft
  • Jedi Knight
  • Teamspeak 3
for a few hours on the 29th ( 30th NZT )

Thursday, March 22, 2018

ElderScrolls Online: Summerset

I almost wrote this off as, more elf, expansion, then they showed Razum-dar. So now I am sold.

But what is with the cheap sound track. That chanting which seems to be built from a sample pack that everyone uses. This is what I mean:

Another Example:

Also the almost Destiny 2 chanting at the end.

Anyway doesn't matter, Razum-dar !

Friday, March 16, 2018

Soulcalibur VI

Oooo its on now, it, is, ON!