Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guildwars 2: Edge of the Mists

The carebares are upset, ' NOooo how dare you add a PvP map and link it to the living story, how dare you force us to set foot into a large chunk of the game which we ignore, noooooOoo '

I am very excited about this new map, as I lead a balanced live in Guildwars 2. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Age of Wonders III - Rogue Trailer

I can't wait for this game !

SOE shuttering Vanguard, Clone Wars, Free Realms, and Wizardry

Clone Wars could be because of Disney owning the Starwars licence.
Free Realms, I don't quite understand unless its just not profitable.
Wizardry is a stain that needed to be removed, only true Wizardry is the Sir-tech series.
But Vanguard ?

They only just started to fix it. Its kind of sad, even though I lost interest after I got a boat. Its like one of those goals that seemed imposable but when you get there you go, hmmm, what was the fuss  about.

Anyway I will miss Vanguard, its massive world was fun to explore.

This does make me concerned for Everquest Next. Sony now have a bad habit of shutting down MMO's, why invest time and money into a game when it can be gone for good.

Random Encounters

I read a story today about how Bravery Default allows for you to increase or completely stop random encounters in a RPG.

Random encounters, the JRPG kind are just terrible even if you can turn them off.

I have only briefly played the demo of Bravery Default and was put off by dudes called Ringabel who look like 10yr olds. So I didn't get to see much of the combat system but it was the old walk a field, get ambushed a ton of times with battles which you can sleep though. No challage, no skill, just click the same button.

Random mob placement is important, but you need to be able to see them, avoid them but more importantly this is a RPG, they need  to have some point of being where they are.

Ultima 7 which is my opinion the best RPG ever made, places its enemies where you expect to find them. They do respawn but you can avoid, run away or talk your way out of a encounter. Encounters are in the main game map, there is no battle screen and combat can be completely unexpected.

Skyrim also has logical creature encounters.

Both of these games  are what I call a RPG games. Proper immerse games where your characters don't have retarded names.

Having a option to turn off  random encounters is just a bandaid for a already infected sore that should have been cured years ago.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I now own Space Engineers

Been holding off on this game until they released multiplayer, turns out multiplayer was added last week.

So far its been fun, the game is still a long way away from being a proper game but it offers something no other game does:

Build huge ships and smash them into things.

This game is a Space Lego Simulator or Minecraft in space.

There is no dedicated server yet or even plans for a linux server so hosting one might be difficult but multiplayer itself seems to work really well. You can just open your game up to the public ( not recommended ) or your steam friends.

While I have sworn off early access on steam, this game I made a exception too. Its just way too cool not to get and muck around with. You can grab it from steam

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SOE new subsciption plans

Originally the earlier announced plan didn't go down very well.

They were removing the 500 station cash a month and instead replacing it with a choice of a item worth 2000sc. If you didn't pick a item, you would loose out for that month.

People complained, whined and moaned and surprisingly SOE listened.

The new plan sounds great:

They are removing the $19.95USD all access plan and making the standard $14.95USD subscription the same as All Access. This means if  you subscribe to SOE you get subscription benefits for all their online games ( excluding console games ).

That's Everquest 1& 2, Planetside 2, Vanguard and many more.

As well as 500 SC.

The weird thing is you need to claim your station cash each month. All of the above games are still free to play as well.

Good job SOE for listening to your players. I'll be looking at the subscription when Everquest:Next is released.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


A new year a new banner, I have no idea how long its taken to finish the 'renovations' but its been a few years.

I opted for a classic version of the original Yamama banner which had Jedi Knight 2

This was the earliest banner I could find on my archives and was dated in 2002. Over the years the banner changed to feature models from other games. The new banner features models from my game.