Saturday, January 25, 2014

SOE shuttering Vanguard, Clone Wars, Free Realms, and Wizardry

Clone Wars could be because of Disney owning the Starwars licence.
Free Realms, I don't quite understand unless its just not profitable.
Wizardry is a stain that needed to be removed, only true Wizardry is the Sir-tech series.
But Vanguard ?

They only just started to fix it. Its kind of sad, even though I lost interest after I got a boat. Its like one of those goals that seemed imposable but when you get there you go, hmmm, what was the fuss  about.

Anyway I will miss Vanguard, its massive world was fun to explore.

This does make me concerned for Everquest Next. Sony now have a bad habit of shutting down MMO's, why invest time and money into a game when it can be gone for good.

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