Sunday, January 25, 2015

Guildwars 2 Expansion: Heart of Thorns

Only bad news No playable Skrit =(

New Features:

  • Mastery System
  • New Zones
  • Gliders
  • Class Profession Specializations
  • New Class Profession - The Revenant
  • Guild Halls
  • New PVP Gamemode - Stronghold
  • New WvW Borderland

Other features:

  • A way to get precursors that doesn't rely on RNG
This seems like a expansion in the form of Eye of the North. One which is intended for max level characters. A proper extension of the game. Not increasing the level cap or forcing me to grind new gear is what I am talking about. This is fantastic as they said, this won't invalid the current world.

You get to 80, then you can go to the jungle to do more horizontal progression on your character.

 Profession Specializations lets your character use a new weapon. The 3 shown are Rangers get staff and can become druids, Necromancers get greatswords ( Pudding is excited ) and Engineers get Hammers which they should have always had.

The whole feeling for this expansion to me is adding more Guildwars 1 into the game.

The only disappointment is the lack of new races. The effort to add one though would have taken focus away from what they are trying to do. Which is add brand new challenges and 'end game' to the players. A new race would have required ether them recording brand new dialog for the personal story of GW2 and injecting them into it or creating a new 1 - 80 level up experience from that races perspective.

So did the hype train pull up to expectation station, for me it did. I am very excited about what is to come.

Full details on the expansion can be found here:

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Daggerfall in Unity

Mind blowing, I know daggerfall is a old game but this is no easy task. Many modern games can't even begin to dream of the features this game had.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Raptor Arma Update

The best mod for arma just got better.

Download and details here:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Elder Scrolls Online Drops Subs

I have to thank ZeniMax for stopping me in making a huge mistake of getting this at launch. Thanks to them lumping my part of the world in with Europe and the euro, thus making this the most expensive MMO ever to subscribe too thanks to exchange rates I never got the game.

Will I try it when it goes subless ?

I am not sure, it seems like the whole company was running a pay to beta for the console versions and if at the console launch this becomes hugely popular you can bet the PC version will be put on the back burner.

The only thing that interest me is the WvWvW aspect of the game, but I currently have this, in a much better game.

Also ultimately this game fails to capture what Elder Scrolls is about

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Anubis AI for Elite Dangerous using Voice Attack

Voice attack is voice recognition software for gaming allowing you to issue commands by speaking and then get a responce. The above video is a work in progress of new voice profile that a Reddit poster Zenuel has been working on. No download link yet but it sounds rather cool.

More info can be found here:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Guildwars 2: Heart of Thorns - Teaser Trailer

Here is the video which was played at the end of Point of no return.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Guildwars 2: Heart of thorns

Trademark was registered a few days ago, but now at the end of the Living story there was a teaser trailer featuring the new logo so that part is official.

Still unsure if this is the expansion we have been waiting for or just more Living story content. Ether way it looks exciting, just waited all Xmas for this final part and I have already finished it.

It didn't help that it was so exciting.

On the 25th we will find out more from Pax South. I really do wish for it to be a proper expansion of the likes of what we got from Guildwars 1.

This is still my favorite game.

Pudding is ready for what ever happens next.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015