Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WoW 4.3.3 64bit client update

Instructions and download link can be found here:

Warcraft 4.3.3 patch released

Not sure whats changed as at the time the patch notes were empty.

Something about nerfing raids I think.

Skyrim Patched

UPDATE 1.4.27 (PC Only)
  • Fixed issue with downloading mods when you are subscribed to more than 50 mods
  • Fixed crash when loading a subscribed mod that has been removed from Workshop by the author
  • Mod load order functionality
  • Fixed occasional crashes when loading a save that relies on plugins/master files that no longer exist
  • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive while charging an enchanted weapon
  • Fixed issue where controls would occasionally become unresponsive while switching from third to first person while using the Arcane Enchanter
  • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive if activating a crafting station with autorun active
  • Fixed issue where keyboard would fail if Rename Item was selected before choosing the number of charges, while using Arcane Enchanter
  • Fixed several issues with remapping buttons while using an Xbox 360 controller
  • Fixed issue where pressing Escape button after fast traveling but before the loading would cause certain menus to stop working properly
  • Followers now sneak properly when player is sneaking

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patch 4.3.3 will break the current 64-bit WoW client

This makes me sad as the 64bit client is just awesome. According to blizzard you will need to delete the following files:

In order to patch successfully, you must delete the following files from inside your World of Warcraft folder:

Wow-64.exe (PC)
MovieProxy.exe (PC) (PC)
World of (Mac)

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause, but please be aware that since the 64-bit client is still in a testing state that complications such as this may happen from time to time.  Thank you.

A updated version of the client will be released soon.

Aion Free to play has started

And some reasion I have bunny ears ........

Darth Maul Returns

I don't even want to know how this is possable, this is like when Bobba Fett crawled out of the sarlacc pit ......

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yogscast preview the Theif from Guildwars 2

Worf gets denied

Seems like there was a lot of Klingon racism on the enterprise.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yogscast - World vs Wolrd vs World PVP

What worries is is the lag Simon is getting from playing in the UK. It may mean that melee pvp could be tricky for us oceanic players.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Yogscast on Guildwars 2 Necromancers

Next MGS will be on PC

The next Metal Gear Solid is going to appear on the PC.

But eveyone keeps telling me PC gaming is dead ?

Terraria development has ended.

Terraria development has ended.

The future of Terraria has been highly debated as of late, not just with the community, but for us as well. The last year has been a crazy ride! When I started on this game, I just had a few ideas of what I thought would make a fun game. I had no idea that it would receive so much attention. I want to thank all of you for supporting us and making this game's success possible.

After a lot of internal debate, we have decided that it is time to move on. My wife and I are due to have another boy soon, and I want to spend some time getting to know him. I also want to spend the time recharging and bettering myself as both a programmer and game designer. I have learned a lot from working on Terraria and plan on using what I've learned, building upon it, and moving forward with another, even better project. However, we are still planning at least one more bug fix for Terraria.

For those that haven't already heard, Finn "Tiy" Brice has moved on to form Chucklefish and is heavily at work on an exciting new game called “Starbound”. It's looking to be a lot of fun, so make sure to check it out if you haven't already!

Thanks again for all your support, and I am very much looking forward to providing you with something much better than Terraria in the future!
Sad news but for me personally Terraria became very stale after playing Minecraft. It was very enjoyable at the start but once you had everything there wasn't anything to do. Minecraft on the flip side works hard to make sure you don't ever get to keep everything.

The new game Starbound doesn't intrest me much. 16bit Avatar rip off in a 2D world using what looks like the Terrari engine. I think I am just over 'retro' looking games and would like indy's who use it to pursue there own art style.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

YogsCast do Charr

The Guildwars 2 awesomeness continues from Simon and Lewis.

AION North American Free to play

Accually, this sounds really good for once:
  • No subscription fee. Play for free!
  • No account restrictions. Visit any zone, chat in any channel, sell any amount of stuff on the trade broker—nothing is off limits!
  • Robust countermeasures to combat game abuse. We're dedicating a ton of resources to preventing account theft, botting, and real money trading.
  • No hassles. Create your account, download the game, and play!
  • No harassment. Don't worry, we won't hound you with constant offers or promotions.
  • A lot of great stuff we'll reveal more about leading up to launch!
I'll check it out at launch, that is if I can remeber my log in details.

Guildwars World PvP map

This video shows hardly anything at all and is another pointless display from the Press Beta. So far only the Yogscast have been doing anything good. I almost didn't link it in the end.

What it does show is how the World PVP aka Mists will work. Showing what looks like 3 idententical fortress maps and another map which looks like a middle ground.

Its good to see 3 sides in world PvP, this is really the only way to balance something. Because if one side becomes domanant, the other two can work together to take them down.

Here is the video:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yogscast: Guildwars 2 Beta

I was going to link the massively montage but it was boring and I found this cause everything is better with Simon and Lewis:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skyrim DLC will be Expansion packs

Bethesda have today said that they will be releasing expansion sized DLC instead of side quest sized DLC they did for Fallout 3.

This means there will be less of them but more value for money.

Also during the gaps between release expect free updates that add new content. This hopefully means the stuff they showed in the 'week' video.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Australian R18+ Bill

So hopefully this means no more worries about getting the censored version of games coming across the ditch.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Esther now on steam

This is a Half-life 2 mod which I have been following for a very long time. It is now on steam for $9.95

I usally don't like buying mods but as this provides a single player expereance I will be picking it up.

Why I won't be getting Mass Effect 3

1) Dragon Age 2
2) Bioware, " Masters of Story telling "
3) EA
4) Origin
5) Mass Effect 2

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The plague of Free to play

The plague of free to play is spreading.

Lock boxes that require keys to unlock.

Where do you get the keys ?

At the cash shop of cause.

Star Trek Online features this and now so does Lord of the Rings Online. Team Fortress 2 has also been doing it for a while now.

To me, this is gambling and very dangerous so I will not support any system that implements it. My fear is that Guildwars 2 will do something similar.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Galaxy Rangers

One of the best Cartoons from the 80's, along side Thundercats.

This though its a little chessy, as 80's cartoons always had some reasion for the characters to play in a band, it covers most of what made the cartoon great:

Even if it has some of the worst lines from the show.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Latest Minecraft Snapshot

New Features:
  • Many minor bug fixes and tweaks
  • Doors have been changed to properly detect if they are open or closed. Double doors in existing maps will need to be updated
  • Villagers will move indoors during night and rain, and socialize with each other
  • Zombies will break down wooden doors on hard difficulty
  • Added cat sounds
  • Better movement for mobs in water
  • Added rare mob item drops
Zombies breaking down wooden doors on Hard ....... barricade with dirt, problem solved =P

Friday, February 10, 2012

Warcraft Only Down 100k Subscribers

Down to 10.2 million in total.

I actually thought it would be a lot worse than this when you compare it to the others:

  • Q1 2011 - 600,000 subscribers lost
  • Q2 2011 - 300,000 subscribers lost
  • Q3 2011 - 800,000 subscribers lost
The annual pass has helped but considering Blizzard are up against there biggest competition in ages this has been a surprise. Also I feel the direction that Cata has taken since 4.3 has really helped with new and interesting content opened for everyone.

This year is a big year for Blizzard, we should see the Launch of Diablo 3 in the Q2, also Heart of the Swarm is coming and finally we should see Mists of Pandaria by the end of the year.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This is a video from the D.I.C.E 2012 Keynote, by bethesda. It shows stuff that may make it into Skyrim as updates or DLC. There is no sound with the video.

Update: Video has been changed to one with sound and better frame rate as well as the intro:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

High Res texture pack and Creation Kit Released

You can download both from steam.

The High res pack is found by right clicking on skyrim, selecting view DLC. Then clicking on the link saying view dlc for this product.

The texture pack is 3.2GB but its hosted on my ISP's steam content server.

The creation kit is found under library and then selecting tools from the drop down menu.

The Steam workshop page for Skyrim can be found here:

Today is a good day to be a PC gamer.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Elder Scrolls

A video showing how far the Elder Scrolls have come over the years:

And now for something completely random

The Skyrim supprise is rumored .....

To be a high res texture pack for the PC.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Skyrim Creation Kit & "Surprise" Tuesday

No word on what the supprise is but its to do with the Creation kit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Skyrim 1.4

The new patch for skyrim is out with a long list of features which I'll post later.

The editor isn't out yet but they have a preview video of what it can do:

Patch notes below:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WoW 4.3.2 Is out

The 64bit client is still in beta but details on how to run this will be released soon. I am really looking forward to the 64bit client as it should enable faster load times once inital content is cached as well as more UI mods with less worry on hitting the 2gb memory cap of a 32bit program.

The other huge bonus is the new Battletag / RealID raid system where you can raid with anyone in the game no matter what realm they are on.

Full patch notes below:

Thief Gold On GoG

This game is just amazing. It might be over 10 years old but the game play and level design haven't been surpassed. So many aspects of this game have been borrowed by more modern titles.

I have a feeling we may be seeing system shock 2 appearing on here soon. Hopefully they have fixed the dual core bug in the dark engine. If they have, I'll be buying this version even though I already own a boxed version of the original.