Friday, February 10, 2012

Warcraft Only Down 100k Subscribers

Down to 10.2 million in total.

I actually thought it would be a lot worse than this when you compare it to the others:

  • Q1 2011 - 600,000 subscribers lost
  • Q2 2011 - 300,000 subscribers lost
  • Q3 2011 - 800,000 subscribers lost
The annual pass has helped but considering Blizzard are up against there biggest competition in ages this has been a surprise. Also I feel the direction that Cata has taken since 4.3 has really helped with new and interesting content opened for everyone.

This year is a big year for Blizzard, we should see the Launch of Diablo 3 in the Q2, also Heart of the Swarm is coming and finally we should see Mists of Pandaria by the end of the year.

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