Monday, November 14, 2011

Skyrim - Shadows

Tyranni wanted to know how to disable shadows. It looks like it can be done in the ini file by changing the following. Just make a note of the default settings:


Some reason the shadow engine in Skyrim is just messed up and causes most of the slowness in the game. Its not even using the GPU instead offloading all the work onto the CPU. So if your haveing preformance issues this will help, alot.

The lighting in the game is utterly pathetic. Its very inconstant, even on ultra. You go from smooth shaded shadows to blocky or even none.

This is 2011 but the Creation Engine feels like its still 2006. They didn't even add sun shafts to the game and don't get me started on snowing and raining inside forts. The game is good but its completely shackled by the prehistoric tech inside the Xbox 360.


  1. It's more that they look so ugly. Esp on characters. And the world shadows aren't that much better. It's the only thing i dislike.

  2. The overall shadowmap seems to be streched. To fix this you need to incress the shadow map res:

    1024 is the default and they recomend 4096. 2048 would also work.