Monday, May 28, 2012

Dayz Update 1.6.1:

Developer's Note:
        * To collect firewood, you can either find it in loot piles, or go into a forest and use the hatchet
 (gear > Right Click). I will expand this mechanic but its enough for now.
        * You get a ONE TIME OFFER to change your player gender!
        * Only two types of new skins are available in this update, "Camo" and "Ghillie Suit" in addition to normal survivor
        * Skins a player is wearing are NOT lootable.
        * When you change skin (right click on clothing package in inventory) your old skin will appear in inventory
        * If you want a players skin, you will need to make them take it off first

        * [FIXED]    Bodies being deleted immediately (now will stay around for 15 minutes)
        * [FIXED]    Player profiles sometimes corrupting and causing stuck in loading issues (error handling by engine)
        * [FIXED]    Temperature listed in percent and not degrees (now displayed in degrees)
        * [FIXED]    Loosing temperature inside vehicles (now will slowly gain or be static in vehicles)
        * [FIXED]    ItemPainkillers popup error (no longer happens: thanks Norbert!)
        * [FIXED]    Spawning in Ocean when switching models (player morphing optimized by TeeTime)
        * [FIXED]    Loosing gear when switching models (player morphing optimized by TeeTime)
        * [FIXED]    Wrong M107 is spawning on occasion (Correct one spawns)
        * [FIXED]    Crashed heli uber-loot not spawning (does now thanks to GhostBear!)
        * [FIXED]    Wire Fencing Kit caused graphical glitches (new model)
        * [FIXED]    Tank Trap Kit caused graphical glitches (new model)
        * [FIXED]    Invisible character models occuring (No longer invisible models)
        * [FIXED]    Panic not being activated (Your character will sometimes panic)
        * [FIXED]    Blood washout sometimes not being displayed (now will always wash out color depending on blood level)
        * [NEW]        Hatchet for chopping wood in forests
        * [NEW]        Wire Fencing kit model by Artyom Troshin
        * [NEW]        Tank Trap kit model by Artyom Troshin
        * [NEW]        Construction options moved to items in gear menu (right click wire fencing kit to use etc...)
        * [NEW]        Hospital Loot Spawn probabilities changed
        * [NEW]        Players can choose to be a female survivor (once only per CD-Key)
        * [NEW]        Heat packs for increasing temperature in an emergency
        * [NEW]        Bandit Skin transition for low humanity is removed
        * [NEW]        Players will receive an error message if the server they are on is running an incorrect HIVE version

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