Sunday, August 12, 2012

Next few months

Its that time again to list off what I am looking forward too in the next few months for gaming.

1) FTL (indy)

I am looking forward to this as it reminds me of the classic PSI 5 Trading company. I don't know too much about it besides the videos but its a RTS / Roguelike space combat game that concentrates in the internal systems and crew of your ship.

2) PlanetSide 2 (free2play)

The first planetside appeared at wrong time for me. I hated the idea of pay to play games also my internet connection was 128kb/s.

Most of this won't be a problem for PS2 which is free to play.

3) Firefall (free2play)

Where planetside is PVP firefall will have more PVE elements. This game is still a unknown, some of the videos from early beta's haven't looked fun but the game has gone under a redesign to try and bring skill and less gear / levels into play.

4) Evochron Merc expansion (indy)

Better planets, being able to walk around on them and other improvements to the game which has surpassed freelancer for online space sandbox.

5)TorchLight 2 (indy)

Multiplayer, Lan, Random Maps, Custom Characters, Mods, Pets, Fun, Matt Uelmen and no Real Money Auction House CRAP.

The game that diablo wanted to be.

I think that's it, I just have a feeling I am missing something, about cats.

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