Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shadowrun Returns: Warning

I had a bad feeling when I pre-ordered this game when it appeared on steam, turns out I was right.

This game seems extremely rushed. I was hoping for a deep Shadowrun Experience, what you get is something not much better than the weak SNES game from a few years back.

Combat is Xcom lite, as Xcom was lite to begin with this isn't good. You have two action points ( later on you get 3 but this doesn't help ), you can ether shoot, or move with those points. It has a cover based system but in the end the battles just feel pointless. You click, things die.

Inventory management is poor, just a few slots but no real loot to find. Guns need to be reloaded but you have endless ammo. Stores have a set selection of items and you can never travel back to any store in the game.

The game autosaves at checkpoints but these checkpoints can be far between areas. I spent quite a bit of time on a single map. Did 2 battles, and a whole bunch of stuff then exited the game. When I returned that game had reset me back to the start of the map and I had lost all progress and had to repeat it again.

For $1.8 million the game looks nice but has weak animations and zero voice acting.

The plot so far seems like a retelling of Jack the Ripper and very linear, it seems once you walk off a map you can't return to that location at all.

The game has a tool kit which makes people go, ' Its going to be like Neverwinter Nights ' but no multiplayer. So the true RPG shadow run experience is missing. If this had coop multiplayer it would be a much better game.

The game isn't worth $19.95 USD, $9.95 USD maybe. I know for sure that I won't be buying any more products from the devoplers Harebrained Schemes.

So I am personally disaponted with the game. It could have been a fantastic in deepth RPG, instead we got something more suitable for a cellphone. Just I can see the autosave system being a utter pain in the ass on a phone.

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