Thursday, September 12, 2013

Arma 3 Drops Beta Tag

Which means, its now released.

Also means its now full price of $59.95. When I brought the game back when it was alpha it was $39.95  $49.95 ( I forgot I paid for the Digital Delux edition )

This does mean that I will be buying almost all the DLC they release to make up for it as it was a steal at that price.

Impressions so far. This is by far the best Arma so far. Controls are slick, graphics are smooth and fast and the AI doesn't seem so cheap.

Since the last dev build I have had a massive increased in frame rate. The game ran well before, but now I have been hitting 120fps in flight over the main island. Could be the nvidia beta drivers I am running. Still get slowdown when smoke is around but slow down is 40fps.

While I am disappointed that the game hasn't launched with singleplayer there is plenty to do until up they release the first story mission which is in October.

Also the game comes with steam workshop so plenty of content to play. Not that I condone user made content as a replacement for official missions.

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