Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Elite Dangerous: Premium beta 2

The beta was updated today !

This game is everything I ever wanted in a space game and to think I wrote it off as being a money grab back when it appeared on kickstarter.

As I felt it was a case of the boy who cried wolf after waiting decades for Elite 4

The game is utterly fantastic to play, but I don't recommend paying the $150 USD for the beta just yet. Unless your a long time fan of Elite from 1984. Wait until friends list and more content has been added as at the moment there is a only a limited amount of things to do.

Wait for it to get cheaper as more  features are complete.

I myself couldn't hold back and I don't regret it but if anyone was to buy it its unlikely we would be able to intect act with each other online.

I'll be posting more updates as the game matures.

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