Monday, September 28, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy

A ton of Warhammer fantasy games are coming out very soon and in the future.

Vermintide - Left 4 dead style game
Mordheim - Board game recreation
Total Warhammer - Awesomesause extereme.
Blood Bowl 2

And I can't help myself. I have had Mordheim early access for nearly a year and have been quite happy with its progress. The latest patch gives a real feel for the final game and I am enjoying it. Its not for everyone as it is a slow 3rd person turn based game with random dice rolls.

I watched a video on Vermintide and was impressed with what I saw. I just looks like a complete rip off of left 4 dead with Skaven. I can't think of anything better.

Total Warhammer is still way far off but I can see it being the only Total War game I throw my wallet at.

Bloodbowl 2 is a good improvement over the original game. The maps load super quick now and its a lot of fun to play. Just its a real time sucker with matches going on for lengthy amount of time.

Good times ahead and I am so glad I have unlimited high speed internet now.

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