Saturday, February 27, 2016

The price of games vs value

I recently read a good post about how a $20 is worth it for a Indy title:

But then after seeing how long Super Hot is its got me wondering on price vs value.

To me, Super Hot is just not worth the $35 NZD asking price. Its a 1.8 hour game which never really challenges you with its story campaign in stead goes into the challenge mode after finishing what is essentially a tutorial.

It has interesting mechanics which aren't really explored to full potential. Its visuals are basic and so is the audio. So it got me wondering, where is the value.

On the flip side I recently got the Indy series Distant Worlds for $50 NZD. It is a game with a squinty UI and basic 2D graphics yet offers so much value for game play. Games can last months there is a lot to do and learn.

To me a game needs to last around 10 hours or longer. Its price doesn't matter to much. This is what value is to me.


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