Saturday, September 2, 2017

Polygon just told me to buy Destiny on the PS4 and why you should ignore that

See I can do click bait as well.

It was the biggest joke I have read in ages, first listing all the reasons as to why you should be playing on the PC.

Better graphics
Better controls
Faster loading times

And in defense all they had was:

Timed exclusives on PS4.

Then the FUD started saying things like:

' we won’t know whether Bungie is prepared to support the PC with post-release balance patches that are independent of the balance work done for consoles '

Its a shooter, its not world peace.

About the only thing they mentioned worth anything is cheating but Bungie are committed to providing anticheat to the PC version. How effective it is we won't know but as for me this is a PvE game cheating has less impact on my personal game play. So long as I can block people from joining my sessions.

Also never forget Polygons review of Doom.

Makes me wonder how much Sony paid them to write this story.

My take is buy the version of the game your friends are going to play. I'll be playing on PC as this is what I have as I skipped the last generation of consoles.

Why anyone goes to these clowns for game insight is beyond me. 

Original story:

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