Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bioware kind of admits mistake

For me its to late, Dragon Age 2 was the biggest waste of money so far this year.

This is what they had to say

Bioware have been hit and miss for me, Neverwinter was fantastic but its original story was poor. Its toolkit and online game play saved it.

I hate Kotor, it was  dumbed down compared to Nwn, the controls were horrid and the story follow the bioware cut and paste story and characters.

Mass effect i did enjoy, but the same character types appeared and its plot was weak.

Mass effect felt like Dragon age 2. Most of what i like about ME1 was gone.

From now on i an wary of anything Bioware does. I am not getting any Da2 DLC or Mass effect 3. I am also unsure on The old republic. Hopefully there is a beta so that i can make up my mind over it.

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