Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dam you Darfy !!!

Look at what you have done =P


  1. Hehehe it is pretty addicting :P

    I like how you can play with your main character in both single and multiplayer.

  2. Ah, sorry about not responding to the chat, keep forgetting to go offline when i am not on haha.

    The 102 Hours played is because i made a server and left it open for my cousin to join and keep messing around when i am not playing, i probably really have about 20 hours of play in it lol

  3. I'll have to get the server details off you from steam so I can join in too.

  4. Originally, I discovered the wiki for the game and started reading up about whats in it. I quickly stopped once I got the game as part of the fun is working stuff out yourself.

    This is the closets game in years thats felt like a old school c64 game ( even though it looks like a old school SNES game ).

    The whole being dumped in this world and left to work it out yourself.

    I know this is a Minecraft clone of sorts. I would get Minecraft as well if it was on steam.