Friday, August 26, 2011

Rift can go get stuffed

So anyway I got the email for the half birthday saying the game is up and running only to find I am forced to transfer off the realm.

So I choose a new realm, sorry your name is taken. So I run though every realm in the game and find I can't transfer without renaming my character.

Your character name is the most customizable part of this game and now they won't let me use it. So I have lost all intrest in even wanting to play.

I have no idea why they didn't evolve the naming system like most modern MMO's ( Charactername@User or First and last names ). Its so retarded.

So Rift is gone for me, gone much like EvE Online.

Oh and I was Coinlocked AGAIN and had to jump though hoops AGAIN to unlock my account.

Not worth the effort.

FWI, Both Steam 'coinlock' and Guildwars 'Coinlock' didn't trigger with my recent computer changes, and they shouldn't ether as it should be based off location not hardware.

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