Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sylvari week begins

The Sylvari have been under wraps for the last year as they get a redesign of thier look.

At first they didn't look like they had changed much and first impressions weren't that good. As I scrolled down I started to like what I saw.

They still fit the description in the Ghosts of Ascalon book which is a relief. As I really enjoyed the Sylvari character in that book.

Looking at the clothing design has me wondering how it all works. I'll have to keep a close eye on the videos from the gaming expo which is coming up. It does look like every race will have a unique look when it comes to clothing.

In the end they are still the elf race but now they truly do look like plants and its great to see something that you took part in with the orginal game turn into this entirely new race.

I can see myself creating a Sylvari once I get Charr our of my system.

Also I am sure the Charr will think up suitable insults for their cabbage butts.

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