Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Aion Player Houseing is finally coming

Much like the long delayed Walking on Stations for EvE, Aion has been dangling play housing around for a long time.

Unlike EvE, it looks as though they have been working hard on the system.

From what I can gather in the screenshots, You have a choice of prefabed design of the outside of the house, Can full colour it as your choose and then layout the furniture inside. Placing and rotating it where ever you wish. There is none of this Hookpoint crap that alot of mmo's do.

While I am not sure I don't think this has hit the Korean servers yet. If it hasn't there could be a LONG wait for it to hit the US version.

As for the vision trailer they showed a while back, I am giving them a B+, for once it wasn't full of wind. They have added the enhanced graphics and features shown. To bad the games a subscription wrapped around a cash shop.

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