Sunday, January 1, 2012

X - Rebirth Details

I recently got X3-Albion Prelude and have really been enjoying it. So I decided to check out some Rebirth details and see whats been released.

What I discovered has gotten me hyped. First the bad news:

You only fly one ship & no longer fly capital ships.

The good news is you still can own fleets and can also remote control your fleet. The reason for the new ship is it now has 'Rooms' and crew on board. I also has a flight deck. No details how these 'Rooms' Will work. If you can FPS walk around them or if they are hotpoint static screens.

Next up is this about cap ship changes:

You can in fact even land on these beasts and get out of your playership to meet NPCs while watching the large ship move around in space FROM the deck of the ship!

You won't be sitting in the cockpit and steer such a capital ship from the first person perspective anymore simply because that is boring. Steering huge and slowly-turning ships manually just doesnt make sense. It would force us to make them turn and move unrealistically quick and even then they would be impossible to maneuver near our huge and complex shaped stations.

Instead the steering is done by NPCs who work for you but closely follow your orders. You can control capital ships who work for you in many new ways.

I really hope it sounds as good as they describe it. If it is, X will launch to the top of my scifi best game list. Here are some new screenshots. First one featuring the players ship.

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