Saturday, January 21, 2012

X Rebirth - Walking on ships

I am still trying to find out how this will work. I got the following quote from a Dev:
You can walk around on station platforms and inside your playership by moving from one point to another. So YES you can move in real 3D and interact with people, but NO you are not freely moving as in a FPS (also you dont have a gun for that Wink

To move you will select a task and move then quickly to the appropriate place. The player will notice everything radically in the first person view (especially in the virtual reality this will be obvious).
Yes you can leave your ship to come in contact with NPCs on plattforms.

Which doesn't answer anything. 

You can walk around from one point to another in real 3d but you are not freely moving as in a fps ?!?

My guess is it will be like Starcraft 2 style adventure game which was between missioins.

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