Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program 1.17.1 has been released. Nothing major with this update ( like docking yet ) but there have been quite a few bug fixes and some new music. Which is funny because I don't remeber any music except for in the menu.

Full patch notes below:


==================================== v0.17.1 ================================================== ====

* Official Release

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
* Removed the old tutorial toggles from the settings screen.
* Made the EVA Yaw controls mappable.
* Fixed a potential issue with the music logic.

==================================== v0.17.1 x3================================================ ====

* New option on the settings file to enable verbose debug logging, to include a call stack trace (when available)

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
* Fixed an issue where the menu ambience music would sometimes start playing on other scenes after some time had elapsed.
* Overhauled the Debug Console. Entries are now labeled and colored according to type and the text is selectable.
* Fixed the music volume slider having no effect without restarting the game.
* Fixed the jitter on distant orbits on the map and tracking station.
* Fixed a potential source of errors when warping time after a ship fell to pieces.

==================================== v0.17.1 x2================================================ ====

* Added a slider in Game Settings to allow adjusting the UI size.
* Added Main Menu and Credits music.
* The Q and E keys can now be used to control yaw with the EVA Jetpack

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
* Fixed the crewmember name textfields on the flight UI not scaling font size properly.
* Fixed the terrain collision detection issues for Gilly and Bop.
* Tweaked the terrain preset settings and PQS subvision methods for a significant reduction in object count.
* PQS terrain quads are now positioned as closely as possible to their vertices, for maximum mesh stability.
* Added a game setting to disable the automatic orientation when pressing any of the WSAD keys while jetpacking on EVA.

==================================== v0.17.1 x1================================================ ====

* The flight UI now scales dynamically depending on screen resolution, to always have the same pixel size.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
* Fixed an issue with the terrain engine that resulted in invisible oceans.
* Fixed a small bug on the patched conics maths that could have caused some trouble.
* Fixed the misaligned Music and Voice Volume sliders on the Audio Settings Screen.
* Added a Render Quality slider to the video settings screen.
* Fixed an issue where ships could break apart when changing warp rates too quickly (the "Space Cthulhu" bug)
* Fixed an issue with the VAB/SPH UI, that made it possible to launch without a ship, causing a total game crash.
* Removed an unused asset from the tracking station scene, which was taking up memory without adding anything.
* Fixed a problem that could cause parachutes to despawn when travelling at high speeds.

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