Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Remebering ANV

I haven't said much about Guildwars 2 since its release but the near 500 hours I have put in speaks for itself. This is the most enjoyable game I have brought in a long time and partly due to the fantastic people of ANV.

Sadly ANV has moved realms and I went with them. So I decided to post some pictures of our adventures. In reality nothing has changed, we are still the same group of players but just under a new name on a new realm but I like to remeber where we have come from.

We are many.
Under the leadership of Nomnomnomnom & Silborn ( not shown )

Doing great things.

Destroyers of siege.

The bane of trebuchet.

The chaos of the storm.

Protectors of Dolyaks.

and the taimers of the zerg.

I just can't get enough of World v World PVP :)

Now its time to make a video of the antics of the new guild.