Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trion Worlds to bring ArcheAge west

Trion Worlds ( Rift ) are bringing ArcheAge sandbox MMO to the west. I am not to sure what to think about this. Its good that's its not NCSoft but I can't help but think Trion are spreading itself thin. They have Rift and Defiance MMO's and now ArcheAge.

Most of the work for ArcheAge is done but as shown with Aion it doesn't mean you can slack off. Aion was years behind the Asian version.

The Draw for me to ArcheAge is the sandbox, housing and boats, the turn off is the races and over acting in expressions that you get in Asian style MMO's, also the lack of continuity in the game. Most of this might just be the experiences I found in Aion, which was just a very confusing mess.

But I am willing to give ArcheAge a go.

Would I pay a sub for it ?

That depends on how good it is. Currently I am living in a subless world and enjoying ever part of it. I am currently spending the same amount on a sub on cash store items in free to play games but I like the freedom of not being tied to a game. ArcheAge would have to offer a unique immersive experience if I am to sign up to a subscription.

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