Sunday, November 3, 2013

Arma 3: Episode 1

Arma 3 first singleplayer episode was  push from the Dev Branch to release this weekend and I have been giving it a good thrashing.

So far this is the best singleplayer arma experience since Operation Flashpoint.

The game so far has been very guided. Allowing you to just get on with the action without the worry of managing troops. OFP ( Operation Flash Point ) was much the same.

The story so far is very typical Arma but its exciting and well executed.

Pacing is also fantastic. I enjoy the running around with little action because when the action hits it hits hard with all the confusion of a battlefield.

This release of Arma also included a ton of new features. The game now renders sun shafts, while they may be a bit too bright it still adds to game nicely.

The biggest update of all time, the update that I have been wishing to be added since Arma 1 is improved rain.

Finally we get none leaky buildings and weird effects with flat 2D rain. Every drop is now simulated and it looks fantastic. Now to just get some inside  rain sound effects ( hitting roofs / over flowing gutters  ) and it will be perfect.

I had put 25+ hours into the game before its singleplayer part was added and the game still feels fresh. I only lasted 30 mins with Battlefield 3 before I was completely bored of it.

Arma 3 is the FPS I enjoy. Its not all about head shots or trick flying but instead the simulation of combat.

A guy who visited my work place said that Oculas Rift support is in the works for the Amra engine ( Dayz ) and I can't wait to try it.

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