Monday, November 25, 2013

The next 7 years of darkness: Microtransactions

I jokely said that Dragon Age 3 will bring on the next 7 years of darkness with it being one of the first RPGS released on a the Xbone / PS4. But it turns out that is nothing compared to whats really going on.

Microtransactions in full priced games, including singleplayer.

Now I am not talking about DLC because most DLC isn't micro. What I am talking about is boosters and faster unlocks if you throw more cash at it.

Microsoft seems to be leading the charge but Sony is doing it as well.

I need to check into Bravery Default on the 3DS which gets listed to see if its is true that it can suck money to make the game go faster because if it does I will no longer be getting it.

What ever happened with making a game fun instead of making a game broken and forcing people to spend more money to play it properly.

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