Sunday, February 2, 2014

Min / Maxing

You guys are ruining games !

The reason for this rant is the Startrek online anniversary event. This event has two types mini games that can be completed. The first one is a shells type game where mini Q hides under a coloured box and you have to guess which one he is under. This one takes time and you can get it wrong.

The second game that can trigger has Q turning into a mob and running away, you then catch him. This requires no skill and is easy to complete.

The Min/Maxs of cause want to do as little as possable for the max gain. So they run around like idiots tagging all the Mini, Q's. If they get the  shells game they just run off to the next Mini Q looking for the chase  game. This causes those who don't care to find all the Q's triggered.

The funny thing is, you can accually finish the quest faster if you just do what ever event is triggered. I seen people run around endlessly getting shells and if they just do the 5 needed they be done.

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