Saturday, March 1, 2014

How I play Thief

When I got thief installed and the game started in the first room. My heart sank. The entire room was lit up like a Xmas tree with everything that could be taken. Everything glowed with a horrid shine, way points nudged me on a linear path. It was depressing as it was designed for the player to do little to no thinking. It was insulting and demonstrated this plague that has gripped gaming.

Then I hit the options menu and turned it all off:

Just leaving interaction prompts as the first window I hit that need a Quick time event to open had me stumped and Journal updates as well as the light gem, which is key to the thief series.

The game is now harder, much longer and more of a adventure. Also it feels like classic Thief now. This sense of not known where to go.

I did the same with Dishonored which was a boring game until I turned off all the hand holding and cheat abilities.

This plague is in MMO's now as well, Neverwinter is so much better if you disable the sparkle trail.

Developers: Let us think again, let us explore you games and most of all, let us turn off your fisherprice features so we can do the above.

Last thing, I would like to say that Thief's PC only features are very well received, I liked that you have taken the time to let us tweak the game. It saved your game from being shoved at the bottom of my steam list to being instead one near the top.

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