Saturday, March 15, 2014

Confirmed: Kiwi's pay euros for Elder Scrolls Online subs

I have read some disturbing rumors that New Zealand customers are being charged Euro's for a Elder scrolls subscriptions.

To us this is the diffrence of paying $17.95 for a game to paying $21.95. Thats one less cup of Coffee a month !

While not alot this is a very disturbing trend and is greedy way of scooping the pool for more money. We already pay more for box releases, the game itself is selling here for $75 USD.

I have emailed ZeniMax for a offical responce and will post the results here if any.


This has been confimed by ZeniMax:
At this time Currently, players located in New Zealand will be prompted to purchase the game in Euros. If we are able to support alternate currencies such as the New Zealand Dollar, we'll update the storefront at for the appropriate regions.
The diffrence here is after a few months you have accually payed them for a month of usage that you don't get. This is not acceptable.

I like how they completely avoid the orignal question about why USD is not a option.

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