Saturday, November 8, 2014

Elite Dangerous: Tuesday 16th December 2014

This is really surprising, I was expecting the game to go for another month or two in ' Gamma ' but it seems the game launching next month.

The game is ready at the moment but some more polish will be good on the multiplayer front but if it was out today I would have plenty to do.

If development halts after the launch then there will be major issues. Currently the game has its core in place, Combat, ship customisation, mining, missions and trading. There is plenty to do but if your a 'end game' kind of person you will struggle with the game.

They have released the future of Elite video which talks about the planned Expansions. Which is getting out of your ship and exploring. I am one of these people who doesn't require a point for leaving the ship. I just love the idea that I can if I want some down time from flying and staring at my ships console.


  1. i am definitely gonna grab this on release,

    Do you play it with a joystick? i imagine it would be a hell of alot better with one

  2. I got a X52 pro just for this game:

    But a Xbox Controller works just as good.

    I haven't played with mouse and keyboard, I don't think its horrid but having a full HOTAS like the X52 makes it really immersive.