Friday, April 3, 2015

Elite Dangerous now on Steam

You can now buy Elite Dangerous via steam:

And the NZ price isn't too bad.

I have been playing this game now for a year and have enjoyed every part of it. It breaks my

EvE -> Freelancer -> X3 -> Back to EvE cycle

I would start on EvE but feel that the universe was just disconnected and boring, so I would move onto the faster pace Freelancer but then loose interest due to lack of ship management and choice so then I would move onto X3 and find another stale universe that lacked multiplayer. Then I end up back in EvE.

Now its just Elite -> Elite for me its the perfect space game. I can dip in and out of multiplayer, experience and do everything on offer without the need of a large group of other people with their own agenda.

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