Sunday, April 26, 2015

My stance of selling mods

The long and the short of it: Mods should be FREE

In the past I done a bit of modding. Started on the C64 with a few constriction kits. One being Aliens in the Adventure constriction kit ( which would be foxed if it was ever released ).

Later some Doom maps.

Most of the work people know me for is the quick maps I made in JK2. The 1 hit 1 kill mod my server used to run and my work in Neverwinter Nights with Tyranni.

During this time, I never felt entitled to being paid anything for my work. During the JK2/Neverwinter time I was in fact putting money in to keep the free services and games running. Even today I do this without any advertising or other kinds of funding. I don't even collect revenue from any of my You tube videos.

I am sure people think I am crazy as I have put a lot of work into everything I do but I just don't fell justified claiming money built upon other peoples games.

So steam selling mods has me disillusioned as to where things are going. Today I learned that Space Engineers might follow suit.

This is a early access game which is no where near complete wanting to make more money by getting the community to build content for it. Will they opt for the gold standard 75% cut of profits ?

Because of this, I utterly refuse to even think of getting Medieval Engineers.

Garrys Mod as well and I am waiting for Bohemia to say something about Arma.

If you want to make money from modding I feel you are better off getting Unreal or Unity and selling assets in their assets store or building a complete game. These days I am tinkering away inside Unreal and if I do make something worth selling I am going to get a far better return on money earned:

Once you make over $3000 a quarter with Unreal you pay Epic 5% of your earnings. This is a good Deal.

With Unity 5 you must buy Pro once you make over $100k. Even better deal

Steam workshop, they take 75% of what you make.

So if your like me and don't like all this rubbish, what can you do about it. One of the best things you can do is stop buying games that support this money grab. You can also buy games off other platforms. Here is the prefect example.

If you are going to get the Witcher 3:


You loose nothing but gain so much.

1) The game is cheaper
2) You are directly supporting the devs CD Projekt Red
3) You get a DRM Free version of the game

This is the prefect example of a protest option. Valve get no cut of the game as it isn't a steam works title.
I know I will be checking other platforms before buying something off steam.