Thursday, February 21, 2013

Big annoucement of the day

The elder scrolls online will not have a first person view.

The reasions are retarded:
“The main difference here is that in an online RPG, enemies can spawn in a 360 degree radius around you, especially in PvP,” Frior told Digital Spy. “So third-person view mode, if you use it, will give you a far greater ability to see enemies behind you. In many situations, this will be the difference between living and not surviving a combat sequence.”
Vanguard has a first person view where you can see your hands / legs etc. It is amazing for immersion. I expected that this would be a area Elderscrolls online would follow but instead they push towards more carbon copy mmo style game play.

Planetside 2 has shown that you can play a action based FPS MMO and not suffer much from the effects of lag, even from remote country's like my own. Sure its not perfect but it I can still be competitive.

Elder Scrolls online is nothing more than a money grab and I will not be touching it.

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