Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ultima Forever: What have you done ?

Warning, the following post is a rant of epic nature and may be offend readers. So much so that its after the break.

UPDATE: The Dark age has ENDED

Just what the hell was that abortion of epic nature.

Did I just see some dumb shit Zelda fanboy wet dream of what Ultima should be like. I have never been so offended in years. Seriously you can see the marks Link did when he violated this series with his gay ass elf cock.

This is not Ultima, and it shouldn't even have the title on top of it anywhere. This is some money grabbing IOS pile of crap that's been setup to destroy whats left of Ultima ( not much mind you ).

I know EA are terrible but this is just seriously bad.

Its so sad seeing the IP you loved from your childhood being destroyed like this.

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