Monday, February 4, 2013

Grimrock is better on Steam

I recently re brought the Legend of Grimrock when it was on sale over the weekend on steam. Originally I had the Good old games version ( as it was announced on there first ) but when the editor came out with steamworks the Good old games version was left out in the cold with only the Nexus for mods.

Since re buying it on steam I have gotten back into the game in a big way and its great to be playing dungeon crawlers again. Finding secrets, wondering what to do when you run out of food ( current situation as I scavenge the lower levels for monsters to eat ) and just what is the game going to throw at me next.

Already the mods being made for the game are amazing with new tilesets and monsters. Everything is modable in the game and it is now a complete dungeon crawler construction set.

Steam workshop just makes it easier to browse the mods and the nexus for the ones to large to fit on steam.

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