Friday, April 18, 2014

Guildwars 2 sPVP is fantastic

Structured PVP ( sPVP ) has always been in the game, but in the past I had only ever played it once. This was due to the game completely separating it from the main PVE part. Anything earned in sPVP was only used in sPVP.

With the recent feature pack update they altered the reward system for sPVP. Now you can unlock dungeons and then gain those rewards while playing sPVP match's.

Now I have incentive to play.

What I enjoy the most is how accessible the game is. Gear doesn't mean nothing, its all your characters skills and your ability to use them. Currently I am getting pwned, but not as hard as I would as a fresh max level in Warcraft.

The pug setup seems pure random and I haven't read of people being able to game the system  to form teams. Because of this teamwork is more fair and less likely you will hit a group of people on teamspeak.

This is really what I like about it the most, that i can just play with no pre-made team and have fun. Theres no stress in winning or loosing, I am just having fun like I would if I was playing JK2 or Quake 3.

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