Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wildstar First Impressions Live Blog

8:20 Put left over hot cross buns in the oven

8:26 Logged in, no issues

8:27 Frustrated with character creation
Wildstar seems to not have looked at mmo's in the last decade and annoying issues which can be solved with simple fixes.

The biggest is character names. Playing guess what name hasn't been taken is the worst part of a mmo. Most modern MMO's have fixed this issue, ether with @accountname ( Star Trek / Neverwinter ) or allowing for a last name ( Guildwars 2 ).

8:30 Choose name HotCrossBunnie
At this point I discover that once you set a name and click accpet, the game launches and I was a random green character.

8:33 Deleted HotCrossBunnie
And recreated

8:45 Logged out
So utterly bored. This game is warcraft in new cloths and I am so done with that style of game. The graphics aren't impressive, the animation seems over done. I played for around 10 mins and found nothing to do but run between fedex npcs and watch cutscenes with tired cliched characters.

So glad I tried the open beta. If I brought this game I would have been so disappointed. I am not sure why I expected something different than Warcraft.

8:48 Removed Hot cross buns from oven and watch Adventure time
Far better use of my Saturday morning.

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