Saturday, April 12, 2014

Starcitizen Pax Demo

This is the first real playable footage from Starcitizen and visually it looks great. There is some nice features being showed.

I like that they are trying to tackle the bane of Online space combat and that is endless turning fights. The G-Force mecanic is a good feature to tackle this issue.

When playing online space combat, the entire game becomes trying to get in behind your target. As that is what your target is doing, the whole thing is like when a cat  chases its tail. In a Aircraft combat simulator this doesn't happen as much. There is still turning duels from time to time but as your turn your aircraft you spend speed energy to change direction. Eventually you can bleed enough speed that you stop flying and start spinning then hit the ground.  Space doesn't have this problem. Singleplayer combat doesn't have this issue as the AI will opt for more of a 'Zoom and Boom' tactic. Racing away from you at full speed ( as usually its balanced they are faster ) then turning and coming head on.

The other issue is that there isn't alot of substance in this demo. They dressed it up really nice but you are just flying in a box.

Unfortunately, the demo isn't available at all to backers. This seems a bit weird to me as I expected access to all content no matter what state it was in. Backers will get a different version of the game 'in the following months'.

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