Sunday, July 3, 2011

CCP and CSM meeting results

What do we know about the results of the emgency meeting between CCP and the Council of Stellar Management.

A CCP blog post saying everything will be alright but not addressing much and a video with CCP and a CSM saying that they have been working hard at rebuilding trust, that they are tired but nothing about the game itself. I am not even posting the video as it was such a waste of 10 mins.

This has prompted me to uninstall the EvE Client from my machine. If I had a active account I would delete my characters.

What was addressed is that microtransaction items will only be vanity items .... for now and that CCP rushed the entire Incarna expansion.

I will never trust CCP again, I shouldn't have re-gained trust back in the Band of Brothers blue print scandel. The fact that I have been tracking the walking on stations content since 2005 and all that we get is a pointless closet to sell overpriced fake items has me not interested in the concept any more.

Also don't get me started on Dust. That is a utter waste of time for the consoles.

So Star Trek Online is now my game for Online Internet Spaceships and Evochron Mercenary.

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