Sunday, July 24, 2011

My 2nd half Playlist

First half of the year has been a but dull release wise. We had the awful Dragon Age 2 from bioware and the fantastic Witcher 2 from Cd projekt. LA Noir was fun but really I spent most of my time in side MMO's like Rift and Star Trek Online.

The next six months should be interesting. Here is my confirmed list of titles ( not in any order ):

1) Skyrim ( PC )
2) Battlefield 3 ( PC )
3) The Old Republic ( PC ) ( If it gets released )
4) Saints Row: The Thrid ( PC )
5) Arkham City ( PC ) 

Other titles I am keeping my eyes on are:

1) Deus Ex ( PC )
2) Dead Island ( PC )
3) StarHawk ( PS3 )
4) Space Marine ( PC )


  1. BF3 looks good. Didnt know u were a Saints Row fan, I found it bleh.

  2. I found Saints Row 2 to be much more entertaining than GTA4. For me GTA:Vice city was the best, its gone down hill since then.

    Niko was a nice character but the rest of the game was very generic.

    Sanits Row 2 though lets you be your own character and get up to all sorts of crazyness. Also its coop.