Friday, July 29, 2011

Ending and a beginning

Today was my last day at my old job for 7 years and Monday I start my new job as a software developer for a local IT company. Its a completely different field of work but something I have always had a passion for. Since the early days with my ZX-81 doing simple message loops to the more recent game programing and App programing at my last job. It is all very exciting.

But anyway enough about boring me, back to news about games.

Oh, I also got a brand new Intel i7 2600 for my home machine and in a nutshell its turbotastic. 


  1. Good for you Quan time for a new leaf in life! I almost gonna upgrade to a 2500k myself, but I have yet to find a good sexy mobo. which one did u get?

  2. I got a Gigabyte Z68x-ud5-b3.

    I needed a board with PCI still on it to power my sound card.