Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dragon age 3

I wondered about posting this or not, but really, its a chance to make fun of Dragon age 2

I love how almost everything from E3 this year says 'Actual game footage' but most of these trailers lack any game play what so ever.

The trailer doesn't contain anything that makes me want to get, play or even try the game. I vaguely recognise characters from Dragon Age 2 but that game was so terrible that I only played less than a hour of it. Then the end part where they show Morrigan or Flemeth or who the hell it is just makes me want to roll around on the floor laughing. The visuals are horrid and the animation is really poor on that character.

To top it off I think I read they are making a open world. In Bioware terms that means a hub with 4 pathways instead of 1.

Wow, I guess Dragon Age 2 has still doing a lot of damage with the way I see Bioware.

Oh yeah Bioware, make sure you add a two awesome buttons, then spout videos on how great it is then sell it as day one DLC.

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