Friday, June 14, 2013

Planetary Annihilation Alpha out today ...... but

They want $89 USD for it, and its a Alpha !

They have got to be utter loonies.

Lets look at the Arma 3 alpha. You buy it for the normal price the game will be relesaed at. This pre-order gives you access to the Alpha and now upcoming Beta then finally the full game on release. Effectively you are testing the game for the devoplers.

Planetary Annihilation has you paying for the right to test, by the sounds of it you are paying more to test it than someone will at release. This is utterly insane. Minecraft was the reverse, it was released cheaper to begin with and as more features were added it went up in price until version 1.0

There excuse is kickstarter, I paid even less to get Star Citizen alpha. beta access !

So yeah, while I was interested in this game, I can wait to see what the final costing is, but I am going to keep a eye on it. If they are going to sell it at AAA prices they better have a AAA currently they have cartoon version of Superme Commander.

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