Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dragon Age III Inquisition name change

Its now known as Dragon Age: Inquisition

Quick, we need to make sure no one links it to part II otherwise no one will want it !!!!!

 I will not touch it, because contrary to what Bioware believe, I don't buy their games because of story. Bioware story's are some of the worst repeated plots in RPG history. Reason I felt Dragon Age 1 was good was because it offered a interesting top down tactical RPG. Dragon Age 2 was a 3rd person pile of crap.

So unless Dragon Age III shows me something of strong tactical RPG game play, I am not going to touch it. I am also going to refuse to call it Dragon Age: Inquisition, its the III part in the series and you can't pretend that part II never existed !. Even though I wish I could.

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