Sunday, June 16, 2013

Xbone end of life

People are asking, what will happen to our games when the Xbtwo comes out. Major Nelson, that guy who was in the army or something had this to say:

I'll just say this: We haven't even started this generation, so it's kind of early to talk about the end of the generation. That's certainly something we would not do. That's not the way the system is designed. It's designed for flexibility. But let's get the system out there first.
That's not a very clear answer. I had the same concerns for steam nearly 10 years ago, what will happen if steam goes bust ?

It took a very long time until I finally brought something on steam but now days its local retail shops I worry about not Steam or online digital shops.

Microsoft would be left with two options, ether keep the service running so people can play their old games, or release a patch which removes the online requirement. At this point most of the multiplayer titles would have shut down. Its just another thing to think about and while they saying its something they would not do, I also get the impression its something they aren't even thinking about. As its a consumer concern not a corporate concern.

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