Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dust 514 - PS3 Excuslive

The rumors from yesterday are true, Dust is only coming to the PS3.

I still rather get a PC version but at least its now something I will look at.

This is supprising as I thought for sure it would be on both or only on the Xbox and not the otherway around.


  1. *grabs popcorn*

    Now to wait for all the Xbox Fanboi's to start crying for their mommies.

  2. Haha us Xbox fanboi's got Halo, we don't need to go cry to our mommies :P (I am impartial to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo However... if there is a multi console game i will usually get it for the 360 or PC for some reason)

  3. Yeah, dunno what the fuss is really. It's a nice idea on paper but I can't see it working myself.


  4. Its a nice idea until they let people play it. Then people destroy it.

    People suck.

  5. That they do. Just not quite sure if this will be all that great after looking at Battlefield 3 lol. Maybe if it is like planetside.