Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Warcraft demo unlimited

Some sites are claiming WoW has gone free to play but all that has happened is the demo cap is now 20 and it doesn't expire.

Also the burning crusade is now included in the 19.95 bundle.

Blizzard are missing the point again. You still need wotlk a dead expansion and cata.

They need to have a fixed single fee to join wow and drop expansion pack upgrade costs. This will get more people playing.

Unless the next wow exansipn offers something that's not raiding. This means I will get behind expansions and the reason to return will fade completely if it hasn't already.

Update: Some sites have been saying 30 others have been saying 20. I thnk it hasn't changed and you can still only level to 20. I was thinking they may have bummped it up because it only takes a day to get to level 20 unlike a weekend in the past.

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