Thursday, June 23, 2011

That dress cost HOW MUCH !?!?!

I was set, credit card in hand, ready to resubscribe to EvE Online.

Thankfully I waited because something happened that made me rethink ever going back to EvE. People logged in and found out how much the micotransactions were for the costumes.

Turns out a Dress in EvE Online costs the same as a dress in the real world.

I don't know what CCP are thinking but this is not how you do Microtransactions. Theres a Video from blizzard where Samwise starts going on about Macrotransactions which thankfully the video is a bit of fun. It seems that CCP thought it was a good idea.

Shirts cost $25 and the eye implant is $68.

$25 for Blizzards sparkle horse or retarded lion was bad enough but at least people can see those and go ' Ooooo look at that moron. ' With EvE no one can see it because they haven't made multiplayer hotel rooms yet. 

Now people have found out that they are planning to sell ammo for real money as well as faction rep and other things.

I guess World of Darkness will be a second life that you pay to play with real world prices on clothing.

So yeah, I am no longer interested in going back to EvE online. This is problery a good thing.

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