Friday, June 24, 2011

Gabe on The Old Republic

He seems to enjoy it, you can read his impressions here: - Second post down.

I like what he says about how he played his Bounty Hunter:

At first I intended to play him as a real asshole but some of the moral quagmires these quests put you in just aren’t that black and white. Do I do what gets me the most credits? Do I stay loyal to the person who gave me the job even it means hurting Innocent people? As a result of all this I have a character that is a hard ass bounty hunter who has a soft spot for people in trouble and children. The only thing I could tell you about my WOW character Dudefella is that he was a mage and a hell of a good dancer.

Still, from what I learned in bioware games, you choices aren't always what you expect. Still it will be interesting to play a MMO where you stop and think about how your character will responce, instead of, Complete / Next Quest.

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